COVID-19 update
07 Aug,2020

We continue to serve our customers as best we can in this upside down world.


We take a moment to reflect on the horrific explosion in Beirut yesterday, reminding us all here in China of what happened in Tianjin Port 5 years ago.

2020 has been sent to tes the reslience of all of us. One disaster after the next, the pandemic.

On my way to work every day I look at the constrution that is bening done at the airport: The new tnunnel linking Tuen Wan to Lantau, the new bridge linking Lantau to Macau and Zuhai, the hectares of land that has been reclaimed in the middle of the ocean to build the new customs terminal, the 2nd airport terminal, the 3rd runway... All these projects are either finised or close to finishing, but are not being used. In stark contrast you look over to airpor tTerminal 1 and its 2 runways, one is for flights inbound and out bound, the other is a parking lot for aircraft stuck in the ground, maybe to never take off again. in the space along side the runways hundreds more aircrasft are parked up.

Tourism is down by almost 100% in the city. No foreigners allowed in, permanent residents can leave but must self isolate for two weeks on retrun. 

All bars, restaurants, gyms, pools, beaches and parks and any public places of gathering are closed off to the public.


Let's hope for a speedy recovery for everyone. 


Stay safe everyone.


Sending love to Lebanon