27 Feb,2020

While the COVID-19 virus seems to be raising its ugly head in other areas around the world, the situation is improving.


Every day for over a week, despite all the new outbreaks, the rate of people recovering from this virus supercedes the new confirmed cases, by over 200%.


So far the amount of confirmed cases globally is at 81,195 cases with the terrible figure of 2766 death, approximately 3%.


What you don't read on the media is that out of the 80,000+ confirmed cases, less than 10% are considered serious and the amount of recoveries until today exceeds 32,000, that's a 40% recovery rate to date, and that figure is only going to increase.


This week we have seen very positive things start to happen in China. We estimate that, other than Hubei provinces, over 85% of all factories and offices are back at work. Manufacture has begun and we are seeing an uplift in air and sea freight bookings. The next problem is going to be lack of space and lack of equipment so the airlines and ocean carriers have to get ready becuse there are thousands of orders ready to leave the factories right now!